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5 weeks to 5 Figures

Nikki B - Building Beauty Businesses
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You will receive a 5 part self paced recorded course that will guide you on the intricate parts to systems and strategies to scale your business from barely making it, to thriving and successful. With the tried and true experiences that has helped countless others to build the multiple 6 figure business that we operate on today. It isn't an overnight get rich quick deal and it does require consistency and hard work but it is truly possible and I know that if you have gotten this far you are up for the task. I legally cannot make you any promises that you will be a 6 figure earner but I can reassure you that this is the exact things that I did when I moved to Texas almost 8 years ago and exploded my beauty business!

We discuss Topics such as

Determine your goals and how to achieve them

Determining your target market and Zone of genius

The elements of a successful beauty business

The 6 figure Blueprint

Your why

Brand & Marketing

Target Audience selecting and selling


Guest Surveys


and more ...

and a BONUS

Ways to increase your revenue


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Recorded 5 part self paced course and pdf slide along with a bonus increase your revenue section.


5 weeks to 5 Figures

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